Replacement of bag filters on gas cleaning stations was performed at Aksu ferroalloy plant

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Replacement of bag filters on gas cleaning stations was performed at Aksu ferroalloy plant

In order to increase environmental safety, bag filters of smelting shops № 1 and № 4 were replaced. Regular replacement of these important elements of gas cleaning system allows the entity to collect and utilize up to 99% of air emissions.

At present time, reconstruction of existing gas cleaning equipment is the main direction of Aksu ferroalloy plant’s environmental program and it minimizes industrial giant’s influence on environment.

— For the last 18 years, nine new gas cleaning stations were built at the plant, and it led to more than two times reduction of dust emission, — says chief ecologist of the entity Inna Davydova. — And we regularly move forward in this direction — at present time construction of the same facilities for two more furnaces is in process.

High-level efficiency of existing dust collection systems (99%) is the result of timely replacement of filters. Annually, bag filters catch more than 20 tons of dust. Replacement of filters is carried in advance, before their functional loss. Usually, working life of the filters is about 2 years.

This year, bag filters of six smelting furnaces were replaced at Aksu ferroalloy plant. 15 300 units were replaced. Total area of replaced filtering surface is more than 53 800 square meters.

Filters replacement is carried during the scheduled furnace repairs, when furnace is fully stopped, — says the head of aspiration section Murat Kabdullin. — When contractor replaces the filters, our specialists, simultaneously check and repair metallic structures of the station, draft equipment, pulse regeneration and dust discharging system and dustbins. After this, we work on coating filters with dust. During the heating of furnace, equipment of gas cleaning station also increases its power, allowing the surface of filter to be coated by ultrafine lay of dust. It serves as a protection layer, which provides reliable service for two years.

In the nearest time, filters of furnaces № 14 and № 45 will be replaced, as well as the filters of aspiration emissions gas cleaning station of shop № 6, which serves for three furnaces. Installed equipment is reliable and well tried, and it allows the filters to cope with the task in full measure.