Corporate Governance

The corporate governance system of JSC TNK Kazchrome is based on the principles of fairness, responsibility, transparency, professionalism and competence. The main objective of the corporate governance system is to protect the interests of all stakeholders, improve the Company’s operating efficiency, maintain its financial stability and increase profitability. TNK Kazchrome JSC has developed a Corporate Governance Code taking into account advanced international practices and in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders of TNC Kazchrome JSC resolves the reserved matters of the meeting as the supreme governing body of the joint-stock company, such as approval of the annual report on the activity of the organization, composition of the Board of Directors of the company, distribution of profits and others.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of TNC Kazchrome JSC performs the functions of managing the organization by developing broad policies and defining strategic goals. It is also responsible for approving annual budgets, setting salaries, compensations and benefits for senior management.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
TNC Kazchrome JSC