Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant

One of the world’s largest chrome ore mining plants. The chrome ore deposits mined by DGOK as part of the main deposit are about 22 km long and 7 km wide.

Donskoy Mining and Processing Plant (“DGOK”) was founded in 1938, at the city of Khromtau. Volume of its confirmed reserves is the second largest globally. In terms of quality, chrome ore from DGOK has no equivalent in the world.

  • Most of the ore mined at the Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant is supplied to ferroalloy plants in Aksu and Aktobe.
  • Ore with a high chromium oxide content (up to 62% Cr2O3) is used to produce ferroalloys in metallurgy, as well refractory products, and chromium compounds in the chemical industry.
  • The Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant employs a total of 7,500 people across 27 structural units. Five of them are core operations producing commercial products: the Molodezhnaya and 10th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence mines, the Donskoy mine, the beneficiation and pelletisation plant, and Crushing and Beneficiation Plant No. 1. Auxiliary facilities such as transport, repair, automation and communications, energy and electric shops ensure the stable operation of the plant.
2nd in the world by proven reserves
More than 7,500 employees support the company's operations
  • Maximum attention is paid to enterprise safety. The achievement of the objective of zero injuries is facilitated by an extensive program of measures based on global methods of proven effectiveness. Healthcare for Kazchrome employees is provided as part of their employment benefits.
  • Significant funds are allocated annually for environmental protection measures. The environmental protection unit monitors water and air quality. The main points of the environmental action plan are the rehabilitation of affected areas, reuse of quarry water, recycling of industrial waste, landscaping industrial sites and sanitary protection zones of the DGOK workshops.
  • Under the Housing Program, eight houses were built for DGOK employees, and the ninth house was commissioned.
  • The interests of each employee of the plant are protected by the company’s collective agreements, which are considered to be among the most attractive in the industry. For sports and cultural activities, there is a sports and recreation complex for DGOK and the House of Miners’ Culture. The summer center “Mugodzhary” provides recreational activities for more than a thousand children of the Donskoy GOK and Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant employees.
  • Great attention and support are given to pensioners. A Veterans’ Council was established at the plant.
  • The dual system of education makes it possible to train personnel for the enterprise and provide internships at the production site for students of Khromtau Mining College.