Aksu Ferroalloys Plant

One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ferroalloys in the world. More than 1 million tons are produced here annually, most of which is exported to foreign countries. The uniqueness of the enterprise lies in its combined large-scale production of chromium, siliceous and manganese alloys necessary for steels of various grades.

The plant consists of four shops with twenty-six furnaces. A slag-processing complex is also a part of the plant.

  • The main products of the plant are high-carbon ferrochrome, ferrosilicochrome, ferro-silicon manganese and ferrosilicon.
  • Currently, Aksu FP is certified under the international standards quality management ISO 9001-2015, environmental management ISO 14001-2015, energy management ISO 5001-2015 and labor protection management OHSAS 18001-2007.
  • The plant is implementing a large investment project known as “Renovation of Shop No. 6”, and the unique furnace No. 64 was built according to completely new technologies. It will be 30% more productive and 25% more efficient than its equivalents in terms of energy saving. However, the most important thing is that the new furnace design will protect our personnel, improve working conditions and reduce the environmental impact. The successful renovation of the 64th furnace is a good thing for the future. The technologies applied here will be sequentially transferred to three other furnaces of the workshop.
  • A housing program is being implemented at the plant: three houses have already been built for Aksu FP employees. This year, the company passed another milestone; 12 factory worker families received the keys to apartments. Three more houses are under construction, and their completion and occupation is planned this year.
The annual production capacity of the plant is over 1 million tons of ferroalloys
More than 6,000 workers support the production of ferroalloys at the plant
  • To improve the quality of products, ensure labor protection industrial safety and environmental protection, the plant carries out continuous modernization using advanced industry solutions based on resource-saving and low-waste technologies. In recent years alone, hundreds of industrial, environmental and social investment projects have been implemented. Some of these projects formed part of the National Program of accelerated industrial-innovative development: construction of a unique agglomeration plant, launch of a powerful slag processing complex, launch of a sedimentary complex and other projects.
  • The plant successfully operates the Youth Council and the Council of Young Specialists. These associations not only make the life of young factory workers interesting and full of events, but also carry an impressive educational function, an institution for mentoring, and work with personnel issues.
  • In July 2019, metallurgical engineers at the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant have put new smelting furnace No. 64 into operation. The commissioning of the furnace marks the completion of the first stage of the large-scale renovation of the Plant’s Workshop No. 6, its largest smelting unit, which will increase production by 87% by 2024, from the amount produced in 2018.