Brief Business Overview

TNC KAZCHROME JSC is a world leading, modern, vertically integrated company and is one of the world’s largest and lowest-cost producers of chrome ore and ferroalloys.

Founded in 1995, Kazchrome is a fully integrated mining and metals business whose operations range from exploration, ore mining and processing to the production of high added value metal products.

  • Products. High quality high carbon products represent the largest proportion of Kazchrome’s ferroalloy output.
  • Resources. Underpinned by its Tier 1 and truly unique resource base, Kazchrome boasts the industry’s lowest cost production and offers a broad range of products.
  • Market conditions. The Company sells its products in a chrome market that has enjoyed consistent and sustainable growth for more than a decade. Driven by Chinese demand, a supply deficit is expected to occur by 2020 as demand growth continues.
  • Scale of operations. Kazchrome has one of the most diversified customer bases amongst the major ferrochrome producers. Strategically located at the heart of China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative (“BRI”) and near the Company’s major customers, the world’s leading stainless steel producers in China, Japan and South Korea, the Company also sells products to customers in the USA, Europe and the CIS nations.