Miners of Kazchrome celebrated professional holiday

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Miners of Kazchrome celebrated professional holiday

On the Miners’ Day at Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant — an affiliate of the Joint — Stock Company «TNC «Kazchrome», specialists were awarded with industrial and corporate honorary distinctions and also took place a big show for the whole city.

On a professional holiday of miners the best specialists were awarded and for children of employees were arranged an informative tour of the mine’s surface facilities. For all citizens the city-forming enterprise Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant arranged a large-scale show «Miner’s day All night».

The miners were greeted by the director of the Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant Viktor Til and Akim of the Khromtau region Nagymzhan Aldiyarov.

— «Only people with a strong character can work at the mine,» said the head of the district, Nagymzhan Aldiyarov. — You are making a big contribution to the development of the Kazakhstan’s economy. Today, more than seven and a half thousand people work at Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant, which is almost a third of the city.

Seven employees of Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant received from the Akim of the Khromtau region gratitude letters. Two workers were awarded with the titles "Honored Worker of JSC «TNC «Kazchrome» and "Honorary Worker of JSC «TNC «Kazchrome». Two more were awarded with the badge «Kenshi Dangy» 2nd degree and six with badges of the «Kenshi Dangy» 3 degree.

The mines of the Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant produce the highest quality ore in the world. From 1938 to 2018, more than 200 million tons of chrome ore were mined here. The first million tons were mined in 1959. Among the miners’ records is the All-union record for shaft penetration in 1975, when they mined over 200 meters in a month.

«The enterprise is developing,» said Victor Til, director of the Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant. — Volumes are growing, work is being improved. The third generation of miners is already working at Donskoy Ore Dressing Mining Plant. In all achievements of the company there is a part of the Khromtau miners’ labor.

The celebration continued with a show in the town square with fireworks and a disco. The soloists of the Aktobe Philharmonic, the «Kilimanjaro» group and the Kazakhstan pop star Abdijappar Alkozha gave a concert for the miners.