Having started its activities in 1938 with chrome mining, Kazchrome gradually expanded its beneficiation and metallurgical facilities and eventually grew into an integrated, world-class manufacturer, becoming one of the leading mining companies and one of the largest employers in Kazakhstan.

1938 Donskoy Mining and Processing Plant was founded in the Aktobe region. Chrome ore extraction and beneficiation enterprise was established on the basis of the South Kempirsay chromite deposit.
1940 The construction of the Chrom-Tau miners’ village has begun. In the same year, a decision was made on the construction of a ferroalloys plant in the city of Aktyubinsk on the basis of Kempirsay chromite.
1943 The launch of the Aktyubinsk ferroalloys plant marked the first smelting of Kazakhstan ferrochrome in the smelting shop No. 1. The first metal was produced by “Komsomolka” furnace on January 18, 1943.
1959 For the first time, one million tons of ore was mined at the Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant per calendar year. Mining work has begun on the Komsomolsky and Vostochny open-pit mines.
1968 Ermakovsky Ferroalloys Plant was formed. Now it is named Aksu Ferroalloys Plant and is the leading metallurgical plant in the world in the production of chromium, silicon and manganese alloys.
1973 The first concentrator was commissioned at the Donskoy Mining and Processing Plant. Production of concentrate since 1974. In the same year, work began on the construction of the Molodezhnaya mine.
1974 The first millionth ton of ferroalloys has been produced at Aksu Ferroalloys Plant. In the same year, the construction of the smelting shop No. 4 was completed. New shop included eight furnaces.
1978 Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant started to produce Ferrochrome brand FeCr 650 with the State quality mark. In the same year, construction of the “Tsentralnaya” mine began at Donskoy GOK.
1982 26 furnaces were introduced at the Aksu plant in the period from 1970 to 1982. Constant work on their modernization has allowed the company to achieve the production level of more than a million tons of ferroalloys per year nowadays.
1986 FS-45 ferrosilicium of the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant is recognized as the best in the world. A special certificate of this fact is issued by the Luxembourg’s International Chamber of Commerce.
1995 TNC Kazchrome JSC was established, uniting large enterprises of the mining and metallurgical industry — the Aksu and Aktyubinsk Ferroalloys Plants, the Donskoy GOK, and in 2004, RU Kazmarganets was included in its structure.
1997 Development of the Tur manganese deposit has begun. The mine uses the most modern high-performance mining and transportation equipment for open-pit mining.
2001 The Tsentralnaya mine of Donskoy GOK went to full production capacity of two million tons. During the enterprise visit by the First President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev, the mine was given a new name — «10th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence».
2005 Low-grade ore beneficiation production site with a capacity of 600 thousand tons per year, pellet production site with a capacity of 700 thousand tons per year, and ore beneficiation equipment were commissioned at Donskoy GOK.
2008 Shipment of ferroalloys by sea containers began at Aksu Ferroalloy Plant. Similar section was introduced a year earlier at Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant.
2009 The construction of the Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant’s shop No. 4, which is equal in capacity to a separate enterprise, has begun. The symbolic capsule was laid by the Head of State, N.Nazarbayev.
2011 Aksu Ferroalloys Plant has put into operation the shrinkage complex. In the same year, a unique in the CIS sintering shop was put into operation. The aim of the project is to process industrial waste and produce sinter.
2014 The new smelting shop No. 4 of the Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant, the world leader in capacity and new production technologies, was launched.
2017 Aksu Ferroalloys Plant has launched a large-scale investment project, Renovation of Smelting Shop No. 6. In the same year, the development of the Pervomayskoye deposit at the mine «10th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence» of the Donskoy GOK started. Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant has commissioned an «experimental briquetting» section, which consists of briquetted ferrodust returned to production and used to produce ferroalloys.
2018 The collective agreement of TNC Kazchrome JSC was recognized as the best according to the results of the republican competition for social responsibility of business “Paryz”.
2019 Furnace No. 64 of the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant, was launched after renovation and produced the first metal. At Aksu and Aktobe ferroalloy plants the company launched work on the implementation of a new production system called “ERG Way”.
2021 In 2021, Kazakhstan marked a significant milestone with the launch of its first industrial tour at the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant.
2022 In 2022, the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant embarked on an ambitious project to modernize the gas cleaning systems in two of its smelting shops, namely, No. 1 and No. 2.

During the same year, Kazchrome achieved recognition for its commitment to sustainability and responsibility. The company was honored with the prestigious Platinum Award by Ecovadis and was also acknowledged by the International Chromium Development Association (ICDA). This recognition placed Kazchrome among the top 1% of ferrous metallurgy enterprises that adhere to rigorous standards of responsibility and sustainable development. Furthermore, Kazchrome received the 'Best Socially Responsible Enterprise' award in the national contest of socially responsible business 'Paryz.
2023 In 2023, a significant development took place with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art ERG GREEN processing plant. This plant was established to process slurry from Donskoy GOK. With a remarkable capacity of approximately 1.7 million tons, this complex can fully handle both newly generated waste from ongoing operations and previously accumulated slurry.

Continuing its commitment to excellence, Kazchrome once again secured the highest rating in the Ecovadis rating system. This reaffirms its status as a responsible chrome producer, as recognized by the International Chromium Development Association (ICDA).
Nowadays TNC Kazchrome JSC stays focused on its units’ modernization projects and increasing volumes of ore mining and ferroalloys production. The company also pays great attention to environmental and social activities.