Operating Divisions

Kazchrome is composed of four branches: Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant (Khromtau, Aktobe Region), the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant (Aktobe Region), the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant (Pavlodar Region) and the Kazmarganets Mining Enterprise (Karaganda Region).

All assets are located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a stable, investor-friendly jurisdiction situated at the heart of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Through operating in Kazakhstan (#36 in the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2018” report), the company benefits from a dedicated infrastructure, favourable business climate and excellent transport links to customers.

DGOK — Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant (Khromtau, Aktobe Region)
  • One of the world’s single largest chrome ore operations. The Donskoy GOK chrome deposits in the main ore field are found over an area measuring approximately 22 km long and 7 km wide
  • Three operating mines, including two underground (10th Anniversary mine, Molodezhnaya mine) and one open pit mine (Yuzhny mine)
  • Over 40 years chrome mine life at current production levels
  • Total mineral resources: more than 220 million tonnes (JORC)
  • Two chrome ore processing plants producing high grade crushed ore, concentrates, briquettes and pellets
  • The first mining and processing enterprise in the CIS to receive certification for its management systems in accordance with three international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001)
Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant (Aktobe Region)
  • The plant includes Workshop № 4 (the new Aktobe plant) — the world’s first large scale plant with closed DC furnaces
  • Current production: more than 0.5 Mtpa of ferroalloys
  • Products: high-carbon, medium-carbon and low-carbon ferrochrome
  • The plant comprises three workshops
  • Workshop № 4 (the new Aktobe plant) — the world’s first large scale plant with closed DC furnaces
  • Own electricity is being supplied from Kazchrome’s 135 MW Akturbo power plant (“Akturbo”), the Aksu Power Station (2,400 MW installed capacity) owned by Eurasian Energy Corporation and the Pavlodar Power Station (350 MW installed capacity) owned by JSC Aluminium of Kazakhstan
Aksu Ferroalloy Plant (Pavlodar Region)
  • One of the world’s largest and most diversified ferroalloy plants which celebrates its 50 year anniversary in 2018
  • Current production: more than 1.1 Mtpa of ferroalloys
  • Products: high-carbon ferrochrome and silicon alloys (ferrosilochrome, ferrosilicon with high silicon content and ferrosilicomanganese)
  • The business benefits from a unique combination of large-scale facilities that produce the chrome, silicone and manganese alloys required for various grades of steel.
  • The plant comprises four ferroalloy smelting shops, a slag recovery plant, a furnace feed preparation shop, and a sintering plant.
  • Electricity supply is guaranteed via Aksu Power Station (2,400 MW installed capacity) owned by Eurasian Energy Corporation
Kazmarganets Mining Enterprise (Karaganda Region)
  • One of the largest manganese ore mining and processing businesses in Kazakhstan
  • Products: manganese ore and concentrate
  • The manganese ore and concentrate produced at Kazmarganets are predominantly supplied to the Aksu Plant. The concentrate is used for alloying agents that go into the production of various grades of steel

TransCom LLP (“TransCom”) is responsible for the transportation of chrome products and manganese ore between Kazchrome’s operating assets. Kazchrome’s own Akturbo natural gas power plant supplies over 35% of the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant’s electricity while ERG subsidiaries supply the remainder and all of the electricity required for the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant. Shubarkol Komir JSC (“Shubarkol”) is among the suppliers of coal (coke) to the Aktobe Plant and the Aksu Plant. Coke is used as a reducing agent in ferroalloy production.